The school begun at a humble ground in the year 2007 with only two learners.( the two learners were directors children) .By that time madam director was the only teacher in the first and second term. The number of kids increased to 20 in the second term in the year 2007. In the year 2008 the school grew rapidly to a population of 40 children, but the major challenge was limited space for the classrooms since it was situated in the church. There was lack of enough land to accommodate all the classrooms. In the year 2015 there was a breakthrough when a quarter piece of land was acquired on a rental basis; this was a major success in the tremendous growth of the school. Currently we have 320 learners with competent teachers and non- teaching staffs God bless the Kings Preparatory and the founders.


Evans Okoth- Head Teacher

Erickson Onyango- Deputy

Sunday Chimera

Tatu Mwembe

Joshua Kanyinya

Malachi Nyabuto

Winnie Koplo

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This is the Home

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